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Sarah Steinberg writes for children and is currently working on three (or possibly six or seven) different manuscripts and book dummies – both her own and for self-publishing authors. You can find (and purchase) her books on Amazon,, and order online from your favorite local bookstore.

The Adventures of Nicki and Ricky : Baffling Birds Trilogy

by Rowena Zahnrei, Illustrated by Sarah E. Steinberg (2023)  

Teamwork makes the dream work! 29 amazing contributors helped us fund our Nicki and Ricky comics and Science Workbook this July, and over 100 followed along with the Summer Science Investigators’ Society! We’ll be making three comics (digital, paperback, and a hardbound 3-in-1), an edited workbook, AND making a trip to San Diego Comic-Con next year – all thanks to our amazing supporters.

Created by an Autistic educator and an ADHD artist (and parent of a nearly 8 year old), our trilogy of comics foster independent inquiry, joy in the outdoors, and a love of nature. The Science Investigators’ Workbook guides kids through the steps of storytelling AND the scientific method, to make their own comic. 

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Mrs. Owl’s Messy Library

by Eliana Hidalgo, Illustrated by Sarah E. Steinberg (2023)

“A visually stunning book that is sure to spark joy and appreciation for books in young readers.” – The Prairies Book Review

Crunch! Munch! A Caterpillar Tale

by Mary Anne Rich Schweitzer, Illustrated by Sarah E. Steinberg 2023
“Beautifully illustrated, Munch Crunch a caterpillar tale reminds young and old alike of the value of teamwork in resolving the complex challenges of today.” -Charlotte Grodzki
“This is a little gem of a children’s book, charmingly illustrated and featuring an important lesson in an endearing way: that unexpected beauty can come from a little sacrifice.” -Richard E. Butcher

I Like Tickles

by Sarah E. Steinberg (2018)

Introducing young children to bodily autonomy can be tricky, especially when what’s fun with one person doesn’t work with another. I Like Tickles shows a young child looking for animals’ signals, listening to people’s words, and knowing that even if they like a hug sometimes, they don’t have to offer it every time; a variety of situations allows caregivers the chance to talk about the preferences of the children, pets, and adults in their children’s worlds. Respect and listening are emphasized.