What I’m Reading – The Great Library by Rachel Caine

I’ve been reading The Great Library series by Rachel Caine  , which is a YA to adult series that I just cannot put down.  This is my second time reading it and it’s just… *chef’s kiss* so good.  This is a steampunk alternate present … fantasy? I guess I could call it fantasy, or a little sci-fi, but I think “steampunk alternate-reality action-political intrigue” is the best I can do as far as genre.  This is a good thing, to me. Books that don’t fit in an easy bucket are the ones you can’t put down. 

SO: Do you like gifted people finding out the system is corrupt and fixing it from within, with a side of philosophy about how information should be controlled, and a core of well-written complex characters?  Do you like books? Do you like immersive reading experiences that have worlds that feel FULL and real? How about steam-punk? 


In honor of the themes of the books I recommend you get them from your local library.  If you read them digitally you may have some fun meta-moments 🙂 

Ink and BonePaper and FireAsh and QuillSmoke and IronSword and Pen

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