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What I’m Reading – The Great Library by Rachel Caine

I’ve been reading The Great Library series by Rachel Caine  , which is a YA to adult series that I just cannot put down.  This is my second time reading it and it’s just… *chef’s kiss* so good.  This is a steampunk alternate present … fantasy? I guess I could call it fantasy, or a little sci-fi, but I think “steampunk alternate-reality action-political intrigue” is the best I can do as far as genre.  This is a good thing, to me. Books that don’t fit in an easy bucket are the ones you can’t put down. 

SO: Do you like gifted people finding out the system is corrupt and fixing it from within, with a side of philosophy about how information should be controlled, and a core of well-written complex characters?  Do you like books? Do you like immersive reading experiences that have worlds that feel FULL and real? How about steam-punk? 


In honor of the themes of the books I recommend you get them from your local library.  If you read them digitally you may have some fun meta-moments 🙂 

Ink and BonePaper and FireAsh and QuillSmoke and IronSword and Pen

What I’m Reading – Wayward Children by Seanan McGuire

What I’m Reading – Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire
ages 13ish-adult

Surely I’m not the only adult out there who misses the absorption of going to a different world (I know I’m not, because The Magicians series is literally about a dude depressed about Narnia not being real).  Anyway if The Magicians felt too bummy-outy for you, Wayward Children is your ticket to wonder.  This is modern portal fantasy that works. It’s full of all kinds of magical worlds, a kind of a framework to hang it on, and characters you will want to befriend (or follow into their magic doors, in some cases).  It’s an older YA/adult feel (I’d have loved them at 13, I bet, but they’re a little dark in places, but not explicit!) 

The internet says there are 8 books but I think one isn’t published yet. That’s ok – they’re all standalone like Narnia, so you aren’t left hanging too badly and I read them out of order (read Every Heart a Doorway first if you can though, then the rest in any order is probably ok.) You might, however, be longing for YOUR door when you’re done! 

Oh, and if you haven’t read Seanan McGuire before, you’re in luck, because she has a LOT of books and every one I’ve read is fantastic. 

What I’m Reading – The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones

The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones

MG novel, probably ages 9+

If you have never read anything by Diana Wynne Jones, please start.  Maybe not with this one if you don’t like ghost stories – she’s got a huge collection of middle grade/early YA novels that are more adventuresome than spooky (Dark Lord of Derkholm, Dalemark Quartet…)  and a favorite YA+ of mine, Deep Secret.  Anyway sometime last year I decided I needed to read everything she’s ever written and I just found The Time of the Ghost on my shelf. I’m only halfway through but it’s pretty delightful.  A girl finds herself invisible and mostly intangible, drifting down a lane, and discovers she’s a ghost, but she doesn’t know why!  Her investigation involves observing her three sisters and trying to manipulate objects to communicate.  There’s some witchy magic at work, along with a British boarding school vibe. I’d definitely rather be reading it in the yard than working through my emails, and I’m confident (because I know DWJ’s books) that the early promise will pan out!