Comics and Graphic Novels

I work in watercolor and digital media to create picture book and graphic novel illustrations inspired by magic in the natural world, architecture, fairy tales, commissions, and general oddities. Seeking colorist / illustration / inking work in comics!

The Adventures of Nicki and Ricky, written by Rowena Zahnrei & Illustrated by Sarah E Steinberg
BAFFLING BIRDS! Three (40) page info-fiction/sleuth graphic novel for ages 6-9. Book 1, The Mystery of the Shell Tree, available as E-Book now; All 3 Books scheduled for print publication Dec 2023.

Armed with curious minds and a magnifying glass, sibling sleuths Nicki and Ricky investigate the strange creatures, schoolyard legends, and natural mysteries that populate their suburban world – mysteries only they can solve!
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Steffie Sordus and the Dino Chickens, written and illustrated by Sarah E Steinberg

150pg early middle grade science fiction graphic novel about achieving goals and adapting to the unexpected.
Steffie Sordus wants to get her classmates’ attention with a cool new pet, but the city is no place for a horse. Sure that cute baby chicks are a good compromise, Steffie studies super-cool chicken breeds and builds a coop. When Steffie arrives at the farm store, there are only three chicks left in the brooder… and they look a little odd.  They sprout razor sharp talons, and… are those teeth?  Steffie will have to keep them cared for (and cooped up) as her dinosaur chickens capture the attention of the whole neighborhood.

FAIRY BUBBLES, written and illustrated by Sarah Steinberg

Ages 4-8 Graphic Novel, approximately 80 pages

Joey’s protective fairy magic weakens in a neglected garden. Now he must learn to trust a child who has already befriended his enemy, Crow, or risk losing his magic (and his strawberries) forever.  Will he take a chance on collaboration for the good of the garden and everyone in it? Early grade graphic novel, LITTLE ROBOT meets BEE AND ME.

Fortune Teller Creek

YA Graphic Novel, work in progress