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I’ve been of mixed feelings about Amazon for ages and that hasn’t changed – I buy most of my books from local stores – but ! I’ve worked on SEVEN self-published books in the last two years, and many of them are published through Amazon’s print on demand hub…. meaning it’s the easiest way to find them! 

So – I’ve signed up for an “author page” – even though for many of these I am the illustrator, not the author – so you can find my books in one place.  Here it is! 

I’d like to brag on a few reviews – by people who don’t even know me – especially those on Mrs. Owl’s Messy Library, which is inked and painted on paper with real watercolor, rather than most of the others which are digital, and one of my favorite ways to work <3  Thanks to Eliana Hidalgo for choosing me to do the work on your sweet book!! 

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