Sarah SteinbergHi! I’m Sarah Steinberg. I went to architecture school to explore a fascination with drawing the inside workings of buildings, and discovered that what I truly love is creating whole worlds in miniature.  In my work and play, from fairy gardens to picture books to a new cafe, I create spaces for the imagination to run riot. When I’m not writing or painting, I run a houseplant rescue in Portland, Oregon, with my partner, our underemployed border collie, a flower loving five year old and his three yellow hens. I hold a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, and am an SCBWI member, a student of the Attic Institute for Writers and LCAD, and a Children’s Book Academy and Make Art that Sells student and graduate.  

*Seeking Representation*

I am available for commissioned work.

for home portraits (and other custom illustration projects for personal use), find me at & @sarah.draws.houses on instagram

I’m on Twitter, just barely, @flying_olive

for all inquiries, especially children’s book illustrations

illustration {at} and @lopefriend on instagram
or using the form below.