Dino Chicken Paper Airplanes

OK WHUT how are we halfway through summer break already!?! Is this for real? I am new to the whole “camps if you need childcare” action because of pandemic weirdness last year (oh and the year before I guess jeez). The chaos is giving my ADHD/Long-covid brain a run! 

Anyhoo I sent out my Dino Chicken paper airplane project in my first ever (omg who am I even) newsletter  last weekbut forgot to make a blog post with it for non-newsletter friends.  


Download your Dino Chicken Paper Airplane Project Below (the PDF is the full booklet) with instructions

And just for you bloggy reading types, here’s one that I made, using a folded plane that totally worked, but then could NOT for the life of me figure out how to fold properly later.  Maybe you or a very determined tween can figure this out (or maybe it just didn’t work).  Drop a comment if you figure it out 🙂

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